Once upon a time, in the distant land of Misplaced, lived a pretty normal guy who was lost on his path to the future. Around four or five wrong-turns-too-many, the dude pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose to get a better look at a glowing entity near the base of a big oak tree. He took a few steps off the beaten path to pick up the radiant object and found it was a Wooden Spoon, a gold halo of luminosity beaming off of it and lighting up his tired face. The spoon felt heavy in his hand, but at the same time lifted the fog of confusion from his mind. He knew where he was meant to go and what he was meant to do.


     The dude travelled far and wide in the forest with the glowing spoon held tightly in his hand. He used the magical spoon to cultivate all the ingredients he would need. With a large black pot hanging above the flame, day after day he stirred and watched. Then one morning a robust scent woke him from a dreamless sleep. It was such a glorious smell, one the world has never smelled before! Equipped with his magical spoon and a totally awesome bowl of chili, the new emerged hero rode on his purple and golden steed, blazing through the grass and over the hills to the Land of Starvation, where he defends the villagers against the dreaded Hunger.


     The Hunger are the ruling class in the Land of Starvation. Although they are born with silver spoons in their mouths, they are no match for the awesome power of the dudes' sauté skills, fresh ingredients, and superior facial hair!


No ingredient too small, no recipe too tough! That's the credo of this mythical, modern day hero!


Who's hungry?!

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